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"In ways that maybe no one intended, those superheroes were a lot like me. At work, they're meek, and under appreciated. They're the guys that never get laid. And when they're around other people, they can never let anyone get too close, for fear that their true identities will be discovered. Yet, with all the villains, and the monsters and the evil forces that are trying to destroy them, somehow they survive. Even the one thing that can kill Superman, the one thing to which he has no immunity, Kryptonite, ultimately you know that he'll survive that, and he'll go on to save the world. I believe the same about us. That's what the comics have shown me. That despite everything, we'll survive. And we'll win."

-- Michael Novotny (Hal Sparks), Queer as Folk
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I looked at him, and I saw myself.

I think a lot of people think I'm kidding around when I say I see a lot of myself in Hiccup, but... really, guys, I'm not. I swear, he's like my masculine, fictional double. Or twin. Or something. Our looks are similar, our mannerisms are the same, our social skills are worth naught, we both have a bum leg, and to make things just a little creepier still: I have Nordic blood in me somewhere far, far down along the line.

I could go into more detail, 'cause I've thought long and hard about how similar we are, but I'll leave it at that for now, 'cause it's too hot to think too much right now.
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I spent literally a whole day rewatching Gundam Wing a few years ago. Started early, finished that night. And, yes, that included Endless Waltz.

Oh, my rabid fangirl days. How I miss thee.
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I don't know who I'd want to play the main characters, or anybody else for that matter, but I've been saying for years that American Star by Jackie Collins would make an awesome movie. It's pretty much the only romance novel I own, and it's one of my favorite books and stories of all time, and I'd honestly kill to see it up on the big screen some day.

I'm also going to go ahead and say The Howling by Gary Brandner. Yes, I'm aware it's already been made into a movie, but everything was just so... wrong. The plot, the werewolves - everything was just so very, very wrong. It's an awesome story and it deserves a second chance. 'Cause that's what good werewolf fiction is made of. Also, again, I dunno who I'd want to play who; I wouldn't care, so long as it was good, and didn't turn out weirdly Twilight-esque.
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Our cat, Phobos, got out once. (I actually am shocked I didn't post about it when it happened.) He'd been out for one night and one day, because someone didn't close the door when they went out on to the balcony, and didn't see him when he snuck out. Tiff came home from work early that day, and we spent most of it outside with a bowl of food and a bag of treats looking for him. We wound up putting the food bowl on the balcony, figuring he'd come back 'cause he'd never been outside before, anyway. Sure enough, that night, around eleven, he came back. He was full of burrs, so that meant he hadn't gone far, probably just hid in our yard or the neighbor's.

It was lucky he came back when he did, and that we managed to get him back inside the house, because that night and all throughout the next day we had freezing rain. I remember looking out the window the next morning, and crying in nothing short of relief, because I knew if he'd stayed out there, he likely would have died.
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[ profile] weshareonedream, and he's currently seated not five inches away from me. :D
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When [ profile] thelostmaximoff came over a few years back (I was, I think, eighteen, and still living with my grandparents and aunt), there was one night we had gone into my room to talk. It was fairly late and everyone else was already asleep, and we didn't want to bother anyone by chatting up a storm in the living room, so we moved it to my room, behind a closed door. We were there for hardly five minutes before my aunt came a-knocking, and suggested very loudly that I keep my bedroom door open, so my grandparents wouldn't think we were fucking.


I wouldn't have minded, if he hadn't been able to hear that. But he did. Thankfully, we were able to laugh about it a few seconds later, even if I was royally pissed and horribly embarrassed. I still get mad thinking about it, but I'm also still able to laugh at it, so, I guess that's okay. =P
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I scribble, mostly. If I feel particularly inclined to make something more than squiggly lines on paper, I have a habit of drawing circles, pentagrams, stars, cubes and hearts, as well as writing out random words and names that come to mind.

Only once did a doodle/scribble of mine ever prove useful.
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I have/had an obsession with Mozenrath. It started when I was a kid, and sparked up again a little while ago, and for months I spent my time piecing the character together, filling in the many blanks the series never even tried to fill. This obsession doesn't really impact my life in anyway, other than giving me something to think about when I have nothing else to busy my mind. As for breaking free, I don't care to until I have him completely figured out. <3
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Have I ever loved someone I shouldn't have? Yes. [ profile] episode_zero. Did I confess to him? Yes, on repeat occasions and in my own ways. Any regrets? Dozens. Because I never read between the lines.
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I think my favorite sitcom was probably Dinosaurs. At the time, I liked it as much as I did because, homg, talking, humanoid dinosaurs! That's really my only explanation as to why I liked it so much, because I sure as hell was too young to get all of the jokes then. I recently rewatched the entire series (after buying it off of ebay in a fit of nostalgia) and I was kind of shocked to hear some of the jokes and references made in the show, including parodies of homosexuality, drug/steroid use, the development of a female body, etc... And then, of course, there was this line I happened to stumble upon during my recent rewatch:

Yeah, you'd think that because they're puppets - so the show seems to have a children's aesthetic. Yet the dialogue is unquestionably sharp-edged, witty and thematically skewed to adults. - Earl, to Fran, after being berated for watching what she assumed to be a children's program, due to the characters being sock puppets.


So, yeah. Needless to say I haven't outgrown it, and I doubt I ever will.

Here, have the opening:

I also really liked, Conan the Adventurer - another 'cartoon' that I feel wasn't entirely for kids. And let's not forget about Cadillacs and Dinosaurs and Land of the Lost.
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'Cause it fit then, it fits now, and truer words were never spoken.

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Dunno what they say about me, my personality, my hopes, fears, or desires, but yes, I've had recurring dreams in the past. Sort of. It wasn't the same dream over and over again, per se, but the same person appeared in both - and others, vaguely, before them.

See: Wash Over Me and Love Letters in the Sand.
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No, but everyday something or someone manages to renew my faith in just how awful mankind is.
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The Howling by Gary Brandner, and no, it did not live up to my expectations.

I read the book in secondary one (seventh grade) and fell in love with it. So much so in fact that I never gave it back to our teacher. :D Stealing books was so easy in that school. Le sigh. Anyway, yeah. Totally loved it. So, when I found out it had been made into a movie back in '81, I had to see it.

I went to every video store I could find, and finally managed to get a hold of a copy at Succubus (a cult movie video store that no longer exists, unfortunately). So, I rented it and watched it and... was seriously disappointed? It was nothing like the book, and that really pissed me off because the book was amazing, but of course Hollywood ruined it.

To this day, no book-to-movie adaptation has made me so angry.

But then there are books like The Crow (James O'Barr) or Dragonheart (Charles Edward Pogue). While their movie counterparts aren't exactly the same, I still love them, and don't prefer the books over the movies. Both adaptations are wonderful in their own rights, and I love them equally. And in the case of The Crow, the series was pretty damn amazing, too.
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Dating, as in seeing someone of interest, or dating as in going on a special outing with that someone of interest? Either way, I guess they should start dating whenever they're ready. Keep in mind, I don't mean when they think they're ready, I mean when they're actually ready for it.

I was fourteen when I went on my first date with [ profile] episode_zero. We'd been together for a year prior, and he decided we should go out for our anniversary. I guess we never did anything before that because we were always out to begin with, having fun with the guys and [ profile] neko_youkai04. In retrospect, it was nothing spectacular - just a late night walk and some hot dogs, but I wouldn't change a thing about it. It was special, and had it been anything else, it just wouldn't have been him.

As for shaping my expectations, I don't think it did. I don't expect anything from anyone, considering everyone's different. Not that I go on dates with many people other than [ profile] episode_zero (random outings with [ profile] thisbubble don't really count, unless stated otherwise), but I know for a fact no one else will make date plans like he does - mostly 'cause I think he makes it up as he goes along. Which is probably why I never started expecting things. It's never really the same thing twice.
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I don't think I'd want to trade my talent for hers in any way, shape or form, but I would love to be able to incorporate just some of ~estallidos' style into my own.
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I'd choose sleep over food, mostly because I'm sleep deprived lately.


...unless, of course, the food in question was a pickle. I'd go to the ends of the earth for a pickle. No joke.
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I don't really have any collections now, save for some trading cards sets I can't bring myself to get rid of, but in the past I collected:

- rocks
- feathers
- card wrappers
- bottles
- marbles
- empty pill viles
- rinstones
- keys
- Polly Pockets
- Beanie Babies

and that's all I can think of right now.

...yeah, other than some of the obvious kiddie things up there (Polly Pockets and Beanie Babies), I was a pretty strange kid. To say the least. ^^;
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[Error: unknown template qotd]I have two, actually. One is Gerry Kennedy (P.S. I Love You), and the other is Eric Draven (The Crow). I dunno what advice they'd give, but I think it's kind of amusing that the people who inspire me and influence my way of living are dead men.