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I don't know who I'd want to play the main characters, or anybody else for that matter, but I've been saying for years that American Star by Jackie Collins would make an awesome movie. It's pretty much the only romance novel I own, and it's one of my favorite books and stories of all time, and I'd honestly kill to see it up on the big screen some day.

I'm also going to go ahead and say The Howling by Gary Brandner. Yes, I'm aware it's already been made into a movie, but everything was just so... wrong. The plot, the werewolves - everything was just so very, very wrong. It's an awesome story and it deserves a second chance. 'Cause that's what good werewolf fiction is made of. Also, again, I dunno who I'd want to play who; I wouldn't care, so long as it was good, and didn't turn out weirdly Twilight-esque.
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