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When [ profile] thelostmaximoff came over a few years back (I was, I think, eighteen, and still living with my grandparents and aunt), there was one night we had gone into my room to talk. It was fairly late and everyone else was already asleep, and we didn't want to bother anyone by chatting up a storm in the living room, so we moved it to my room, behind a closed door. We were there for hardly five minutes before my aunt came a-knocking, and suggested very loudly that I keep my bedroom door open, so my grandparents wouldn't think we were fucking.


I wouldn't have minded, if he hadn't been able to hear that. But he did. Thankfully, we were able to laugh about it a few seconds later, even if I was royally pissed and horribly embarrassed. I still get mad thinking about it, but I'm also still able to laugh at it, so, I guess that's okay. =P
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