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Feb. 25th, 2010 11:37 am
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Pick any number of my/your icons here and I'll write you a drabble based on said icon. Include a pairing if you like.

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Lol, the Ironhide facepalm.
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He watches them quietly, one throwing insults at the other, only to have them returned two-fold. It's kind of amusing to watch, but mostly, it's just aggravating and he thinks he can't take much more of this. He can feel himself overheating, coolant being pumped into his systems excessively as he, quite literally, fumes in silence.

"Do ya'll mind?!" he suddenly snaps, and Duo and Rattrap still for a moment, turning their attention to him. "If yer gonna get at each other's throats, do it outside! The rest o' us don' wanna hear it!"

They look at each other, and for a split second Ironhide thinks he'll get peace and quiet, that they'll take his advice and take their stupid squabbling elsewhere.

Of course, he isn't that lucky.

They pick up where they left off, and he slaps a hand to his face and groans into his palm, something about them and the twins and how he'll never catch a break.

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(Pairing: DracoXCoriander, or DracoXAnybody if you can't figure out anything to do with DXC. XD)

(Pairing: BrooklynXLucita? :0)

dragonheart: draco x coriander; starcrossed au

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Dragons have a habit of being near ominscient. Draco is no exception to this universal fact.

The girl at his side stops talking, stops walking, and stares at him as he lags behind, gaze fixated across the busy street. She furrows her brow, then tries to see what it is he's looking. She's unsure, but she thinks maybe he's looking at a young woman seated by a fountain. She's a pretty girl, with her mousy and wild brown hair and pale complextion, and Jael wonders if, perhaps, Draco's smitten.

When she asks him this, gently elbows him in the ribs, the dragon in man's skin chuckles and shakes his head.

"Far from it, my dear," he says softly, offering his arm to her so they might continue on their way to the book store.

"Do you know her, or something?" Jael asks, and the question is odd because Draco never leaves the house without her, so for him to know somebody she doesn't would be rather shocking - and yet, she wouldn't put it past him.

He smiles wistfully. "No," he tells her, "but I did. Long, long ago."
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Coriander just happens to glance up, just for a second, and she sees him, the boy. He's staring at her. Her cheeks become flushed and a knot forms in the pit of her stomach, but she doesn't understand why.

When he walks away arm in arm with the girl he's with, Coriander looks down at her lap, at her open sketchbook. The half-finished picture of a dragon is looking back at her, and for some reason, she begins smiling.

She's not sure why.
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Walking back from the books store, they're surprised to find the girl still there. True, not much time has passed, but still. Most people don't stay in one place for too long anymore.

This girl is an exception. In more than one way.

She just doesn't know it yet.

Draco leads the group over to her and attempts to be casual, but he's never been a good actor. He strolls passed, glances down, then lets out a quiet, "oh."

When the girl looks up, he smiles, warm and kind down at her. "I see you like dragons."

She seems a tad flustered, but nods. "Yes, I do. Very much."

"Then, my dear, I believe this boy has a story to tell you," he says, then urges Kay forward, and Kay doesn't have to ask to know what's going on, because he sees the picture, knows the face, and is silently thankful he isn't the only one.

When it's apparent she's willing to hear him out, he takes a place beside her and starts, "Brother Gilbert of Glockenspur once wrote that there was a knight who slew a dragon to vanquish evil..."

gargoyles: brooklyn x lucita

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He's taken away in a flash of light and fire, and Goliath explains to her that he's lost in the timestream now. He also tells her he can't promise he'll return, or when. The Gate works in mysterious ways, and if it's chosen Brooklyn as its Dancer, he won't return until his business is finished.

Every night after that, Lucita goes back to the roof where they met. She's is stronger now, because of having met him. Not too long ago, she would have given up, but not now - now she knows she has to tough this loneliness out if she ever wants to see him again.

Because he will come back, she knows he will.

Every night, she brings her iPod, deafens herself with music and dances. She knows it's not at all the same as what he's doing, wherever and whenever he is, but it helps knowing they're dancing together.

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Ooh, I like this! :)

(Harry/Hermione pairing)

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Pairing: BrooklynXLucita? :D

gargoyles; brooklyn x lucita; au

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In this time, in this world, everything is wrong.

He's at the foot of the building, and she's on the ground, broken, bloody, and very, very dead. He doesn't know what went wrong, why this happened, but it's very clear that this girl, so much like the girl back home wasn't meant to be saved. No words or kind gestures could pull her away from the ledge, and he hadn't been able to catch her as she fell like a bird with broken wings.

He falls to his knees, wings drooping, shoulders slumped, and he feels so utterly useless as all he can do now is stare at her and ignore the crowd gathering around him and the sirens wailing in the distance.

He reaches for her, threads his fingers through her hair, then his eyes glow white with anger and sadness and he lets out a loud roar of despair.

And later, after he's evaded the media and the Gate has taken him sometime else, he will think back to her broken body, smile and realize that, even in death, she was beautiful.

Re: gargoyles; brooklyn x lucita; au

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As soon as she sees Brooklyn kneeling beside her broken, battered, dead body, she regrets it. She regrets stepping off and spreading her arms, and closing her eyes. She regrets not listening to his kind, sincere words. She regrets not letting him pull her close to him.

So she stays with him, by his side, forever. Where he goes, she goes too, limping and leaving a blood trail (she just can't seem to stop bleeding) and always crying because it just hurts her body and heart so much.

And when the Gate snatches him away, she goes too, because time can't trap the dead and it can't stop love.
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Pairing: DracoXCoriander? Again? XD

I'm so lame that I can't think of any other pairings right now besides ones with my OFCs in them. DX
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She knows the truth now; knows him and knows herself. Jael and Kay take to her kindly, and in due time it was like she was always a part of their motley, misplaced group.

Sometimes, Jael is hit with inspiration, and urges the group to do some of the strangest things, but never let it be said that these things aren't in any way magical. Today's outrageous notion: dance beneath the stars, music not required.

She is with Kay and they are keeping themselves occupied with one another, purposely giving Draco and Coriander the space they need.

Her grip on the sleeves of the shirt he's wearing are tight, and he smiles.

"Relax. This time," he whispers, "we have time."
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I couldn't help it. D:


"But we don't have time," she whispers back, and that's all she says, because if she says anymore she's scared that she'll fall apart. That she'll turn to dust in his arms.

She's known, ever since she was told who he is and she remembered who she is, that history's going to repeat itself. She's sick and she knows that she has very little time left. She's scared.

She pulls away from him, letting go, a sad smile on her lips. "I have to go," she tells him. "I'm sorry." She turns and starts to walk away, and the feeling of de-ja-vu is gnawing at her heart.

And it hurts.