Jan. 16th, 2011

shini02: (Goku)
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Our cat, Phobos, got out once. (I actually am shocked I didn't post about it when it happened.) He'd been out for one night and one day, because someone didn't close the door when they went out on to the balcony, and didn't see him when he snuck out. Tiff came home from work early that day, and we spent most of it outside with a bowl of food and a bag of treats looking for him. We wound up putting the food bowl on the balcony, figuring he'd come back 'cause he'd never been outside before, anyway. Sure enough, that night, around eleven, he came back. He was full of burrs, so that meant he hadn't gone far, probably just hid in our yard or the neighbor's.

It was lucky he came back when he did, and that we managed to get him back inside the house, because that night and all throughout the next day we had freezing rain. I remember looking out the window the next morning, and crying in nothing short of relief, because I knew if he'd stayed out there, he likely would have died.