Nov. 4th, 2010

shini02: (Jubilee - Writing)
Post a single sentence or more from each WIP you have, or from as many WIPs as you want. Provide no context/explanations.

(Keep in mind, I doubt any of these will ever be worked on or finished. They're seriously just taking up space on my hard-drive at the moment, and have been for years, and I really have no idea why I haven't deleted them.)

1. β€œIt's over,” he says, and it's soft and full of regret because he does love this girl with everything he is, but this relationship has lost its magic. Pun, perhaps, intended.

2. Charley will never be Harley and he can't tell if that's a good thing or not anymore. Moving on is proving to be difficult, especially when her memory is plastered onto the side of his face and he's not quite as ready as he thought he was to let go.

3. She knows he's different the moment he walks into the chocolate shop, and it has nothing to do with the strange aroma that comes wafting in with him. It's his grace, the way he carries himself, uneasily and yet practiced, as though he's an actor uncomfortable in his own skin. It's the promise of something more, something better, that urges her toward him.

4. His dark doorway opens and he vanishes through it, leaving behind a trail of shadows and the smell of smoke and ash, leaving her wide-eyed and fearful and trembling because she remembers that smell. She remembers fire – the heat of the flames behind her, chasing her, driving her onward, burning away her footprints.

5. Go with the flow, as Rapses would often say, that was what he was going to do. And it really would be that easy, so long as his comrades remained asleep and the menagerie of villains plaguing their existence in this place and time decided, for just this one night, to behave.

But despite the apparent effortlessness presented, Rath still hesitated before leaving the sphinx.

6. He doesn't want to feel this way. It's dangerous, misguiding; perhaps nothing more than another delusion brought on by his neurosis. The walls Merbian society built around him his entire life come down around her, and she takes what should be hard as stone on the inside and turns it soft, making him vulnerable, open to attacks aimed directly at his naturally anxious heart.

7. It has been years since her run through the Underground, since she allowed herself to believe in anything but the ordinary. She had allowed herself that one last night of magic, then swore it all away. It had been a hard decision and it had hurt in the end, but it was the only way to keep him away from her.

It's ironic, she thinks, that in the end she wound up walling up her heart the same way he had. Once, she had allowed herself to think, maybe, things could have been different, they could have saved each other from their lonely, lonely lives.